This was our second week working with Living Harvest Church in Springfield, OH. We love the heart of the church and those who stepped out of their comfort zones to serve. Each week we focus on the spiritual gifts of the team members and teach them new music skills. After only 3 sessions practicing as a team, we helped them lead worship for their congregation during the main Sunday service.

New Songs & New Chords

This week we introduced 2 new songs, expanding their library to 5 songs. We also picked songs that added additional chords for the members to learn. We are developing  a core of songs that the church as a whole can learn, yet still give them the essential skills to pick new songs on their own so they can continue to grow.

Worship Leader Coaching

We met with two of the worship team members who feel called to serve as worship leaders. We spent individual time coaching them and highlighted all the different roles and responsibilities of a worship leader. 

Monday Night Practice

Sunday Morning Service

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