Week 3 Review

This is our third week working with Living Harvest Church to build a worship team. So far the team has 5 members, they can play 6 worship songs, and have led worship for 2 services. It’s joy to witness how God is moving in the individual lives of the worship team members, and how the Spirit of the Lord is working in  and through the church body.


This week we really wanted to emphasize dynamics in our songs. Dynamics are the variations in loudness between notes and phrases. The use of dynamics helps keep the listener engaged with the song. This is critical in worship because we don’t want the congregation to tune-out the worship or lose focus. A song without dynamics is like listening to a monotone speaker give a presentation.


After Service Review

At the end of service this week we brought the worship team together to review the service. We want to use this time to recognize excellence, discuss how members individually felt the presence of the Spirit, and review areas where the team can improve. During this particular service, we had a member of the church give their life to Jesus Christ. Everyone witnessed the Holy Spirit move during this service!



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