Event Recap: Worship As One 31 March 2017

We were blessed with the opportunity to host Worship As One with Renegade Music Ministries at Schofield Barracks, in Wahiawa Hawaii. Over 150 members of the community joined us for training, fellowship, and a night of prayer and praise! A big Thank You to the Schofield Chaplains for providing the location and resources!  

Creating a Worship Atmosphere – Horizontal and Vertical Songs

It’s easy to build a Worship set on Sunday mornings that are fun, catchy, and gets the crowd singing. However; as a Worship leader your calling is to do more than pick fun music. It’s to create an environment that lets people connect with Jesus and invites the presence of the Holy Spirit into the room.

10 Warning Signs for a Worship Team

We as worship leaders are all at different points in our ministries. Some of us are leading strong teams with a line out the door to join your team (Joel Houston), while others are struggling with getting anyone through the door and various issues that may arise. Some of us have led teams for aContinue reading “10 Warning Signs for a Worship Team”