Worship as a Lifestyle – the Bible and Business

Our Mission is to organize, train, and equip a lifestyle of worship. This statement may lead to some necessary follow up questions: Firstly, what is worship, and secondly what is a lifestyle of worship. The word “worship” in current culture brings up thoughts of large stages, contemporary rock, and sometimes fog machines. But in a generalContinue reading “Worship as a Lifestyle – the Bible and Business”

3 Reflections on Prayer – Powerful

We call on the Lord, and he answers. How much credit do we give God, the all powerful Creator of the Universe? Do we only pray for the small trivial things in life, secretly admitting if it’s not answered we won’t be too upset? Do you approach God with doubt? As you know Him through personal prayer you will come closer to knowing the Power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the big things, put your faith in God.

Fear Not – Isaiah 41:11-13

You are going to have a challenge to overcome this year. A battle to fight this month. A struggle this week. Maybe even an argument today. And when these moments arise its all to common to get caught up in the busyness of life and try to succeed on our own. We are called to be faithfulContinue reading “Fear Not – Isaiah 41:11-13”