Internship Opportunity

We are looking for one full time intern for Armed to Worship Ministries. Our mission is to organize, train, and equip a lifestyle of worship. We work with military chapels, churches, and individuals to promote growth spiritually and musically through training, mentorship, clinics, conferences, and equipment procurement. We are a new and growing nonprofit and need a dedicated full time intern to help grow us into our global vision

Location: Honolulu Hawaii
Time Period: Feb-May 2017

Responsibilities would include but not be limited to:

– Fundraising activities

– Event Planning

– Community Relationship Building

– Ministry Coordinator

– Management of social media platforms

One full time position would include:

– Room and board (stipend for food $50/wk)

– Limited private transportation

– Full availability of public transportation

– Hiking and beaches minutes away from house

– Expenses beyond room and board not covered

– Looking for intern for Feb- May 2017, dates are negotiable

– Seeking applicants with strong admin and social media skills

Intern Application Form

* approved applications will require background check, credit check, and housing application for our landlord.

* Applicants must be prepared to cover any living costs and food above the stipend

Published by ArmedToWorship

We are Armed to Worship Ministries. We believe every day is a new opportunity to give praise to God through our thoughts, words, and actions. We are a community of Christians united with a heart for worship in all forms. Our mission is to organize, train and equip a lifestyle of worship.

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