Guitar & Coffee Nights

This is a time to develop your skills as a singer or musician, participate in group worship, and grow in community with fellow believers. No music skill required, we will teach you starting from the very basics - you just need a willingness to learn. For those with existing experience, we will show you how to continue to progress from basics to intermediate to advanced skills and factors to consider as a worship leader. We will also have instruments for the group to use, if you don't have your own. We will work through several songs as a group, then transition into an open worship session, allowing the Spirit to lead the group. 

Building a Worship Team: Living Harvest Church Part 3

Week 3 Review This is our third week working with Living Harvest Church to build a worship team. So far the team has 5 members, they can play 6 worship songs, and have led worship for 2 services. It's joy to witness how God is moving in the individual lives of the worship team members, and … Continue reading Building a Worship Team: Living Harvest Church Part 3

In the Beginning – Genesis 2:1-3

When we struggle we can find strength and courage to continue on knowing that God is by our side the whole way. What we don't want to find ourselves doing is constantly chasing the path of least resistance. When a project gets too big, or too hard, it's easy to find some new challenge to keep us busy, instead of putting in the hard work to tackle the real challenges God is pushing us towards.